Cheesy Cauliflower

April 30, 2013Chef Mom0

What’s better tasting than cheesy cauliflower, or cheesy anything for that matter?! This recipe is simply delicious. It’s creamy goodness! However, it is on the moderate side of cooking. It’s not as simple as some […]



Crepes originated in the northwest region of France (Brittany). The word crepe is pronounced “Krayp.” It means “pancake” in French. It was derived from the Latin word “crispus” which means curled. However, before they were […]

Sides and Appetizers

Roasted Salsa

Homemade salsa will take the cake any day. Another successful creation by Gina, the roasted tomatoes and peppers in this salsa bring a flavor you can’t find in store-bought counterparts. It’s so good, you might need […]


Caesar Vinaigrette

Two delicious dressings combine to make one powerful flavor. This is a great alternative in place of caesar dressings that contain raw eggs. This dressing has a fresh flavor provided by the vinegar and lemon […]


Italian BLT Sandwich

BLT’s are a classic American dish. If you love the taste of this classic, you’ll be delighted by the Italian twist. The Italian BLT Sandwich is savory and satisfying. The tomatoes, onion slices and bacon […]


Banana Bread

This fabulous recipe, submitted by Gina, is one the whole family would enjoy. Eat it plain, or with your preferred butter spread, flavored or regular, its good no matter how you try it. Makes a […]


Sweet Dijon Chicken

Did you know at one time, “Dijon” mustard referred only to mustard originating from the Dijon area in France? Now-a-days, it’s more of a generic term, used to describe the creamier but semi-bolder version of […]


Zuppa Italiano

April 12, 2013Chef Mom0

Zuppa Italiano This five star recipe is one you’ll want to slurp down. The broth is bursting with flavor. Each bite is a mouthwatering treat. The ingredients include: sweet onion, garlic, chicken broth, potatoes, heavy […]