Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

June 28, 2013Chef Mom1

Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies? What about oatmeal cookies? Wouldn’t it be ten times better if you could combine them? Well you can! Try out this recipe, it’s delectably delicious. What’s better than a […]


Easy Chiles Rellenos

May 30, 2013Chef Mom0

This is a tasty collection of chiles and cheese. It’s a recipe to liven up the taste buds and add spice to your life. It’s a breakfast treat to wake you up. However, don’t be […]


Crispy Chicken

May 29, 2013Chef Mom0

Here is a recipe that I have altered a bit that is flying around food websites like crazy!  I have altered it for one main reason… lack of flavor!  I took one look at the […]


Pan Seared Rib-eye

May 28, 2013Chef Mom0

Some of this may sound a bit complicated, but I promise it isn’t.  You will likely feel pretty confident in making this again after your first go around. You will need: Here are some important […]


Salmon with Dijon Glaze

May 16, 2013Chef Mom0

Greetings!  It is now Day 3 of Up A Creek Without A Kitchen! Today’s griddle experiment is Salmon.  I bought a salmon filet and cut in to 4 sections while frozen.   Let it thaw on […]


Shish Kabob Marinade

May 14, 2013Chef Mom0

Ok, so Day 2 of Up A Creek Without A Kitchen. Tonight we did kabobs on a griddle.  They turned out great! So, it’s not like you really need a recipe for a kabob.  You […]


Basic Panini

May 13, 2013Chef Mom0

Up  A Creek Without A Kitchen! Well this week Chef Mom here has a completely torn apart kitchen along with no stove or dishwasher. Oy! In this day and age, it seems there is a […]


Easy Tomato Basil Pasta

May 2, 2013Chef Mom1

Here is a surefire win at the dinner table. It’s simple, easy and incredibly tasteful. Serve this dish as a romantic entree or just a casual dinner for two. Either way, it’s the perfect dish. […]