5 Creative Ways to Eat Celery

February 22, 2018Ashley Horst0

Celery is a dieter’s friend. It’s low in calories and carbs, and high in fiber and water. It can fill you up, while not packing on the pounds! Celery makes a great snack, it’s also […]


Is Chocolate Good for You?

February 7, 2018Ashley Horst0

Chocolate is a remedy many of us reach for in times of stress, and a go-to-snack for boredom. But, what is the verdict on this beloved treat? The cacao bean is the base for chocolate. […]


7 Slimming Snacks

January 31, 2018Ashley Horst0

Ever wish you could eat yourself thin? We may not be able to offer you a zero calorie doughnut, but we can offer a good alternative. When you get a craving, fool your taste buds […]


Dairy – Love it or Leave it?

January 25, 2018Ashley Horst0

Lately, people are either loving dairy or leaving it, and both for good reason. The USDA, who “oversees American dietary guidelines and promotes the sale of American agricultural products, including dairy,” pushes the importance of […]


9 Beauty Tips from the Kitchen

January 17, 2018Ashley Horst0

There are a ton of beauty products on the market. Go to any drug or specialty store and you’ll see the stocked shelves.  No matter what problem you’re trying to eliminate from fine lines to […]