Molten Lava Cake

November 11, 2013 BestRecipes Test Kitchen 0

This is a mouth watering, decadent cake; a chocolate dessert that’s good enough for royalty. The finale is a wonderfully beautiful display of tastefulness. You can add the optional topping of vanilla ice cream or […]


Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

June 28, 2013 Chef Mom 1

Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies? What about oatmeal cookies? Wouldn’t it be ten times better if you could combine them? Well you can! Try out this recipe, it’s delectably delicious. What’s better than a […]


Bread Pudding

June 26, 2013 BestRecipes Test Kitchen 0

Bread pudding is a dish of the ages. It’s been around for decades and even centuries. Its beginnings were of a frugal nature. The dish was created as a way to use up old bread. […]


Bourbon Spice Cake

May 7, 2013 Chef Mom 0

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Coconut Ice Cream

When people hear the word vegan, I think they think that a diet like that would be boring. I beg to differ, with desserts like this Coconut  Ice Cream, I have a hard time seeing […]



April 26, 2013 BestRecipes Test Kitchen 0

Crepes originated in the northwest region of France (Brittany). The word crepe is pronounced “Krayp.” It means “pancake” in French. It was derived from the Latin word “crispus” which means curled. However, before they were […]

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